Raising Readers With Barefoot Books

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Raising Readers With Barefoot Books:

Exactly a year ago now I discovered Barefoot Books. Reading has always been a passion of mine, and I credit my parents for starting when I was young and making reading a nightly event. 

The reason I love Barefoot is because they create culturally diverse stories and creatively integrate much needed human emotional intelligence (ie empathy, respect, emotional awareness, etc.). They offer so many different varieties of educational books, toys, and games that it is REALLY tough NOT to love them.

#RaisingReaders With Barefoot Books

Love The Books? Benefits Of

Becoming An Ambassador:

At first, I just wanted to order books, but then once my daughter and I started reading them nightly I realized I wanted to be an Ambassador so I could share these books with as many people as possible. 

They make great gifts…I have given them to friends, family, babysitters, my chiropractor (for her little one:), etc. It feels so good to be sharing these amazing stories.

Raising Readers With Barefoot Books

As far as selling them, you really can bring in a solid side stream of income. Doing something awesome! You can introduce Barefoot Books to your local schools, preschools, and book fair events. Private themed parties are an option. Or have a fun mommy book party.

When you become an ambassador you get access to a free personalized website that you can refer others to. You get a 30% discount on ALL YOUR PURCHASES. Whether the items are for you or someone else. If someone visits the site through your link, you would make a commission.

For a bigger cause…

If your school, favorite non-profit, or business (like your library) needs fundraising help…Barefoot Books can help!

If you would like to start building a team for selling, you all would work as a team and make bonuses based on your sales.

BUT, enough about the business side, I just had to share all the possibilities that are available.

These can be great for teachers and their classrooms because each book comes with activities and have music videos that are free to access  CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE ACTIVITY ). Not sure what to give your child’s teacher for a gift? Anything from this site would be perfect.

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Barefoot is constantly running promotions, book fairs, and fun events to get children of the world reading:)


An award was recently give to Barefoot Books for their awesome build-a-story cards. This is really for any age. You can have your children simply look at the pictures, have them place them in creative orders, and make up stories. The imagination encouraged in this activity is fun to experiment with.

Raising Readers With Barefoot Books #raisingreaders #books

If your children are more of a hands on learner, these can be a great way to spark their interest in reading and storytelling because THEY are in control.


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