Holiday Face Painting Fun

face painting templates


Brighten up your holidays this year!


Face painting is a simple and inexpensive way to add to any costume or to enjoy at any party. The idea of it may seem daunting at first, but once you have the crayons in your hands with a simple pattern, your child will have a sweet design on their face in less than five minutes!


   My only advice is to be sure that the crayons or paint palette is non-toxic, and always do a test color dab to make sure your little one is not allergic.


  Most face paints are water soluble which makes it incredibly simple to mix colors and shade. It will be easier to paint detailed photos with higher quality brushes, but I love the simplicity of crayons and usually use those. I will have a bowl of water and a washcloth (dry AND wet) to help with blending, erasing, and touch ups at the end. Here are the ones my daughter and I have tried (there are even NEON colors!).


***Mosaiz is my favorite brand because the paints are all non-toxic, water soluble, hypoallergic, no animal testing, paraben & dye free, lead free, AND FDA compliant. It is crazy that these are the things we need to be watching out for, but that is our world today I suppose.


→In case your child is dry or itchy when taking the paint off (it claims it won't do that, and it hasn't with my daughter, but everyone is not made the same:) I would recommend rubbing in either coconut oil or Shea butter to sooth the areas that were affected.

Blick has an AWESOME selection of quality face and body paints:



I always need inspiration when deciding what to draw. Even if I look at a picture and change it up, I need that initial image to get my creativity running.


Below are two sheets of  42 clip art images that are super simple and fun to build on.

          face painting basic ideas




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