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Writers Work - Get Paid to Write

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Start your freelancing business


Below is a list of websites you can submit articles to. You will have to discuss and confirm your pay since they are going to be different and pay rates are ever changing.


My Favorites:

Writers Work and Barefoot Writers Club, and Gina Horkey are my 3 favorites because not only do you get a huge community of writers, you also get the training and support you will need.

  • Writers Work– A whole network that will help connect you to places looking for writers. Makes everything SO SIMPLE.

Writers Work - Get Paid to Write

  • Barefoot Writers Club– This club is simple to sign up for. No fees unless you want to take advantage of some of the bonus extras. They offer a Facebook Group for support too.

  • HorkeyHandbook– this link will send you to the post that explains step by step what you will need to do and how you can make money.

Here are some other great resources I have seen other blogger’s submit articles to…



If you are interested in starting to Freelance but have no experience,check out this awesome blog post that will explain step by step how to get started with getting paid to write.

To practice your typing and increase speed check out (free to use).




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