DIY Bean Bags – Simple, fun, & inexpensive games for all ages.

DIY Bean Bags out of scrap material. Make up your own games, use them inside & out. Possibilities are endless, and with dollar store beans and scrap material you could call this a budget friendly craft. #diycrafts #beanbags #scrapmaterial

DIY Bean Bags- a simple, fun, and

inexpensive game for all ages.



DIY Bean Bags might be the easiest thing I have ever sewn. To create this DIY craft, you will need the following items:




  • scrap material (or cut up an old t-shirt, sheet, curtain, etc.) to make at least 3 bags per player. So if you are a family of 4, you will be making 12 total. Personally I like to make each set a different color, but mix the look up however you like.


  • bags of beans (I use rice for mine) that you can find at the dollar store.


  • thread & needle


  • funnel


  • scissors sharp enough to cut through the material



The process:

Lay out the material you will be working with so you can start cutting the material. Your first square you cut can serve as a template for the rest. Choose any size, but 5″x5″ tends to be a nice size because it will give you a little wiggle room for mistakes.


You are going to need two squares of material per bean bag, so if you are making 12 (from the above example) then you will need 24 squares of material. 


Next you begin the sewing. I use a sewing machine because it is so much faster, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry you can do this by hand too. Choose the color of thread that will somewhat match each material and sew 3 sides of each bean bag.


Make sure the colorful sides of the material are facing each other before you sew each one (you will be sewing these bean bags inside out basically so you can’t see the stitching). 

DIY Bean Bags- example of material layout

Once all the bags are sewn on 3 sides, turn them inside out, grab your funnel to start filling them all with the beans (or rice).


Insert funnel into bag, and fill each one about 3/4 full of beans, rice, OR a mixture of both. Then take the fourth side of the bag and  flip it in like so…

DIY Bean Bags- Final finishes


…then you can sew the final side of your bean bag and the edge will be beautifully tucked in and you get a nice finished look. 




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