Affiliates For Artists

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Must-Have Affiliates For Artists


Whether you have a blog or not, if you are an artist and thinking about selling your art from home OR you do have a blog and want to know how to monetize it, here are my favorite affiliates for this category.



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These are the Must-Have Affiliates For Artists, hands down.




Affiliates For Artists

AWIN is an affiliate network that includes:


  • ArtFinder– Support independent artists.
  • Etsy
  • Bonanza, and these are a nice place to start. You can sell your handmade goods, among millions of other dropshipping ideas…They already have high volume to their sites, their own search engines, so all you have to do is supply your art (physical or digital) to sell to the site’s visitors.


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Affiliates For Artists

ShareASale Affiliate network is home to:





Affiliates For Artists

C.J. Publishing Network

(formerly LinkShare)



Ebay is an affiliate network all on its own:

Apply through them, and you can sell ANYTHING. Not just confined to art.


BUT, this post is meant FOR ARTISTS, so if you are one and are looking to sell your art please make sure these are on your site, they will help your sales, and make selling a breeze. Keep in mind, there are specific keywords and hash-tags, and ways to sell your art right through social media. Once you start learning everything, you will be able to sell from all directions.

Zoxthey have an independent affiliate program right now. They create inspirational and artistic wristbands, hoodies, and other items that are customized via independent artists. If you want your designs to be on their stuff simply apply! They choose new artists to feature every single week.

Need More?!



Of course, there are hundreds more per affiliate network that are linked to art advertisers, but these four are the ones I have used and can vouch for.


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